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Simple line drawing of a tranquil mountain landscape with a sun, pine tree, and winding path
Playful line drawing of a vintage camper van near a cabin and pine trees, evoking travel nostalgia and nature love
Silhouette of three people around a campfire, one with a guitar, evoking a relaxed outdoor social gathering.
Minimalist line drawing of a roasted marshmallow over a campfire, symbolizing classic outdoor camping activities.
Open book with blossoming flowers in a line drawing, representing RnR Glamping's blend of nature and imagination
Line drawing of a handshake over a sealed document, symbolizing formal agreements and trust in RnR Glamping partnerships
Aerial view of a modern structure in autumn woods, with a hot tub and curved pathway, epitomizing a tranquil retreat
Relaxed individuals in robes on webbed chairs, enjoying a serene moment on a deck with a hot tub and string lights

Support from the experts

  • We provide site selection services, including assistance with lease negotiations. We provide ongoing training and support in areas critical to success through superior industry expertise and product development.

  • We coordinate the development of advertising materials and strategies and supply consumer marketing plans.

  • We negotiate quantity discounts and will help with all internal purchases.

  • We continue to research methods and techniques to enhance profitability.

  • Financial OVERVIEW

  • Franchise Fee: $30,000

  • Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales

  • Local Advertising: 5% of Gross Sales

  • Corporate Marketing Fund: 2% of Gross Sales

  • A great people-person who is comfortable with direct client work and not afraid to up-sell or to be outgoing.

  • A leader with the drive and determination to see their business grow.

  • A manager who can keep up with a fast pace, create an efficient schedule, and time the inventory correctly.

  • High personal standards including excellence, honesty, and integrity are essential.

  • Must be able to meet the initial investment requirement, have good credit, and pass a background check.

Our Dream Franchisees

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